1-2-3 Publish January 21, 2022

1-2-3 Publish is a weekly post for professional and career writers to help them find new high-paying opportunities. Subscribers will receive weekly posts sharing 3 paid writing opportunities, 2 open pitch calls, and a writing challenge to help them grow as writers. For January, these posts will be available to anyone but starting in February, they will only be available to subscribers for $3 a month. 

This week and the next will focus all on fiction and poetry writers. I’ll share open submission calls, writing jobs, and a challenge to help fiction and poetry writers gain a firmer grasp on submitting their pieces.

3 Paid Opportunities

  1. Narrative Writer for Infinity Ward
    • Pay: Paid (amount unavailable)
  2. Visiting Fiction Professor for Sewanee: The University of the South
    • Pay: Paid (amount unavailable)
  3. Fiction Writer for AnyStories
    • Pay: $400 Per Week

2 Upcoming Submission Calls

  1. My Dark Library Horror Novella Series
    • Pay: $1,000 advance and 60(author)/40(publisher) royalty split
  2. Tin House Poetry and Short Fiction Collections
    • Pay: Paid (amount unavailable)

At Home Challenge

If I asked you to name the top five publishers of your genre, would you know who they were? Would you be able to list five publishers within your genre at all? How about the editorial leans of the magazines and publishers you want to publish with?

Fiction and poetry writers tend to take a scattershot approach to submitting their pieces. But what I’ve noticed from all my research into submitting practices from writers who sell and place a lot of pieces is that they have a system. Most have a running list, either in their head or a hard copy, of what magazines publish what they write.

Some even go the extra distance of figuring out the editorial lean of those magazines. And what I mean by editorial lean is that not every magazine that publishes within a genre publishes the same type of pieces. They do this by reading and researching these magazines and publishers. Read a year’s worth of their stories. Check if the editors have blogs or social media pages where they share writing advice or maybe even publishing stats. Can you find interviews with the editors?

Dig up what you can to piece together a profile of five magazines within your genre(s) and figure out:

  1. Who the editors are
  2. What type of genres they publish
  3. Their editorial lean
  4. Their open submission windows

Keep this information somewhere you won’t lose it! It’ll come in handy once you start searching for markets. And don’t stop at five magazines. Keep going. Gather as many publishers as you can find. You’ll be creating your own resource designed for the type of pieces you write.

If you were able to find a place to submit a story or found the challenge helpful, consider subscribing to At Home Pro Writers to continue getting writing advice, links to open pitch calls, and more. Or check out the writing and editing masterclasses I offer! And if you need a stellar creative writer or editor, let me know while my calendar is still open.

To continue receiving open pitch calls, writing jobs, and challenges to level up your career, consider subscribing today. By doing so, you ensure you won’t miss any posts starting in February.

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