1-2-3 Publish January 28, 2022

1-2-3 Publish is a weekly post for professional and career writers to help them find new high-paying opportunities. Subscribers will receive weekly posts sharing 3 paid writing opportunities, 2 open pitch calls, and a writing challenge to help them grow as writers. Throughout January, these posts have been free to all visitors, but today marks the last free post of January.

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This week and last week all focus on fiction and poetry writers. Check out paid open submission calls, writing jobs, and a creative writing challenge to help fiction and poetry writers gain a firmer grasp on submitting their pieces. If you’re a nonfiction writer looking for opportunities, check out 1-2-3 Publish for January 7th and 14th.

3 Paid Opportunities

  1. Associate Writer for Pixelberry Studios
    • Pay: Paid (amount unavailable)
  2. Freelance Poetry Guide Writer for LitCharts
    • Pay: Paid (amount unavailable)
  3. Digital Archive Editor for Poetry Foundation
    • Pay: $75,000–$90,000

2 Upcoming Submission Calls

  1. The Sun Magazine
    • Pay: $100–$200 for Poetry. $300–$2,000 for Fiction
  2. Angry Robot Unagented Manuscript Submissions
    • Pay: Paid (amount unavailable)

At Home Challenge

Last week’s 1-2-3 Publish challenge tasked writers with finding magazines and publications within their genre or desired genre. Once writers had those magazines, they were then supposed to figure out the editorial lean of the stories within those magazines.

This week, we’re going to take that challenge further by tasking you with picking one magazine you’d like to see your work in. Once you’ve chosen, pick a story from the recent issue and dissect it. Break it down into its scenes, determine main character(s), perspective, themes, and then perform copy work on it. Copy work is when a writer writes out a story word for word in order to learn its pacing, construction, and to figure out how the writer created specific emotions or effects.

While writing, you’ll need to pay attention to how the writer constructured their sentences and what effects it created not just within the story but also for you as a reader. Try and identify specific writing techniques like if the author starts using metaphors, ask yourself if they relate to the story, its theme, or characters. After you’re done re-writing the story, go back over it again and analyze what you learned while writing. Did the author break some rules or do something totally original? Or were they using tried and true methods in interesting ways? Does the story fall inside what you thought the editorial lean of the magazine was?

SPECIAL NOTE: This copy work story is just for you and not for passing off as your own work.

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