Free Q+A Webinar on Selling Your Writing

Writing a good story is easy compared to finding a home for it and selling it to a magazine for money. And I know some writers may be hissing at that word. They’ll say they don’t do this for money. They’ll say it’s just about writing, and the money isn’t something they think about.

Most of these writers will be lying. They care about the money but don’t know how to get it consistently, so instead, they say they create for creation’s sake.

Writing is labor. Labor deserves money, compensation, and recognition. Doing it for its own sake is the only reason many of us stay in this career for so long, but we also know that we need money to survive. My free one-hour q+a webinar about selling your writing will cover how to pitch, query, apply, write, and edit like a writer who wants to get paid what they’re worth. Even if you’ve taken my Sell Your Writing Masterclass, this webinar will dive deeper into your questions about making a living as a writer.

But since I want this class to be helpful for the people who wish to attend, I’ll be limiting the seats to 15 people. These 15 people and I will discuss the process of selling their writing and making money as a writer. Over the course of the hour, I’ll answer questions and guide writers on how to become better writers, editors, and recognizers of a good story.

And to make sure the same 15 people don’t just sign up for all webinars, people can only sign up for 2 webinars. To save your spot, please drop me a line here! Indicate in the subject line which q+a webinar(s) you wish to attend.

Feel free to drop any questions in the comments!

Q+A Webinar Selling Your Writing May 14 @ 3 PM Pacific

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