Write Better, Right Now #2

As writers, we have a tendency to just let it rip on the page. It's what readers love, crave, and come to our writing for. But a lot of the time, letting it just rip without a bit of editing and trimming leaves cluttered and distanced writing when what we want is writing that brings the reader into the story fully and exactly how we want.

Write Better, Right Now #1

Evoking emotions in your reader is one of the greatest tools in your writing toolkit, but how do you go about making readers feel what your characters are feeling?

Publish Your Stories … And Get Paid for It

Examples of pitches and open calls for writers and stories. Go get that money!

5 Signs You’re in the Wrong Writing Group

If you want to actually sell your writing to top publications that pay, become a skilled and knowledgeable writer who can stand with their heroes, and who believes in their talent and perseverance, leave the writing groups that display any or all of these signs.

Understanding Plots and Subplots in Novels

The simplest way a lot of writers think about plot is as a series of events. This type of writing tends to create a story where things just happen. There’s nothing much connecting them and there aren’t arcs. As a reader and writer, I’m not a fan of these types of stories.