Write Better, Right Now #17

Multiple thematic statements will cause a lot of confusion both for you as a writer and for readers trying to understand the story they are experiencing. Stick to one powerful thematic statement, deepened and developed by connected themes that show your thematic statement at different levels and aspects.

Write Better, Right Now #15

Descriptive world building is the easiest way to fall into a hole of describing information and moments not important or necessary to the flow of the story.

Free Q+A Webinar on Editing Your Book

Writing a book compared to editing one is easy. Editing a book is only for the brave among us. Those who are willing to stare their terrible or even good writing in the face and say, 'I can make this better.' My free one-hour q+a webinar about editing your book will cover the levels of editing and how to use them to turn your draft into a publishable work.

Write Better, Right Now #10

Once you've found your character's voice, how do you deepen it to make it memorable and engaging? This is the second biggest hurdle a lot of writers face. They've found that cool voice and they're like 'Great! I'm done.' But going the extra step to develop, deepen, and shape that voice around your story can create an even richer voice and engaging dialogue throughout your story.