1-2-3 Publish April 15, 2022

1-2-3 Publish is a weekly post for professional and career writers to help them find new high-paying opportunities. Subscribers will receive weekly posts sharing 3 paid writing opportunities, 2 open pitch calls, and a writing challenge to help them grow as writers.

Writer’s Craft 3.0 Final Sale Days

Learn from professionals who were once just like you! I've joined up with best-selling authors like Jay Thorne, David Farland, and over a dozen others to participate in Writer's Craft 3.0. It's the one-stop resource guide for any serious or professional writer!

5 Signs You’re in the Wrong Writing Group

If you want to actually sell your writing to top publications that pay, become a skilled and knowledgeable writer who can stand with their heroes, and who believes in their talent and perseverance, leave the writing groups that display any or all of these signs.