New Course All About Scenes!

In Scene Crafting 101, fiction writers learn everything they need to know to get them started writing captivating and dynamic scenes to keep their readers turning the page.

Learn everything there is to know about the basics of scene work in Scene Crafting 101. The scene crafting course is for writers who want to further their knowledge of scenes by actively studying and working on them in a self-paced online setting.

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Writing a good story is easy compared to finding a home for it and selling it to a magazine for money. And I know some writers may be hissing at that word. They'll say they don't do this for money. They'll say it's just about writing, and the money isn't something they think about. Most of these writers will be lying.

What You Need to Know About Writing Scenes

I'm a reader before I'm a writer, so I crave better scenes in all the stories I come across. So, here are all my articles available on scenes in one place. In each article, I push past the basic advice of there are only a set number of scenes or they have to happen in a particular type of order. What I teach are the functioning parts of scenes and how you can use them to heighten your story.