Write Better, Right Now #24

Writers use macro tension to keep the large-scale elements of their story driving conflict and suspense. But you can also use it for things outside inducing conflict. Macro tension can also be a way for you to tease the reader about aspects of your world and to develop character relationships.

Write Better, Right Now #23

Writers use microtension to add depth to their writing and stories. Without microtension, there wouldn't be those minuet changes in tension and atmosphere that happen throughout a great story.

Write Better, Right Now #22

Tension is the sense that something is about to happen, whether that be good or bad. We often think bad or negative when we think about tension. But we don't have to. We can use tension in our fiction to build joy between friends solidifying or even mending a friendship. Using tension, we can keep our readers in our stories, wondering what happens next.

Write Better, Right Now #21

When talking about tension, anticipation comes up. Many writers don't know the difference, but it's an important distinction to make like all writing techniques and skills.